I was fully planning to do the 10x10 that Unfancy and Stylebee are hosting. I even made a list for it, but when I got up this morning I just did not want to do it. My summer wardrobe is pretty simple and honed in already and I don't want to limit myself right now. I think I'll take the time to do a good closet clean out instead since we are having a joint yard sale with some friends on Saturday. My wardrobe does not feel overwhelming for the most part these days, and I want to enjoy that. I generally have an easier time dressing the summer because I find it easy to be simple with no need for layering. Just a good tshirt and shorts, or a casual dress.

I was planning on using these 7 pieces in it, leaving shoe options open. I think I'll just try and do some new outfits with these pieces in the next couple of weeks without limiting myself to them.

1. Black linen shorts
2. Denim skirt
3. White distressed jeans
4. Stripe button down
5. Grey madewell tshirt
6. Black tank dress

The linen button-down

I have been just a little obsessed with linen this summer. I bought a black linen Lou and Grey tank a few summers ago off the sale rack and it's been love ever since. Along with linen shorts, a good linen button down was on my list for summer. I've loved button downs since high school, though it took me a while to figure out what was comfortable. I've come to realize the key is to not get them too tight, and that I hate poplin :) I've been mulling over the perfect linen button down and was still kinda stuck on the color, when my love and I wandered into our local Levis store (ah levis, how I love you too) and I tried on their linen/cotton blend button down that they happened to have in my size. It's out of stock online, but they still have a nice red plaid version that has the same fiber content. The one I got was in a nice light blue and white skinny stripe pattern that I think will be really versatile. I got a size up from my normal to make it extra breezy in the…

Linen shorts

As I mentioned in my 30x30 wrap up post I just bought a new pair of shorts. Shorts are one of my least favorite clothing items because even ones I find comfortable and generally acceptable still just don't look that good to me. However, when I got out my stuff for summer I only had two pairs of shorts. One pair is very old and one of the only pairs of shorts I've ever liked, a cool grey denim pair with rolled cuffs. I bought my other pair last year and have not been happy with the fit. I really like the color, a nice deep burgundy, but the legs get weirdly bunchy around my thighs, so I don't wear them.

I decided to get a black linen pair since I've loved my linen pants and I like the way black looks with my birkenstocks which I wear at least half of my time. I ended up buying this pair of shorts from GAP and so far I really like them. They are a linen-cotton blend which I find holds its shape a bit better than straight linen. The material feels nice to the touch, a lit…

30x30 outfits

Well I'm finished with the 30x30! Though, I must admit that I didn't quite finish it. I photographed the the last several outfits all at once instead of wearing them each day, so I didn't technically do the full thirty days. However, I consider it a huge success because it helped me realize how much you can do with a small amount of clothes. I still had tons of ideas left for outfits to make out of these items. The biggest mistake I made (and what ultimately made me decide to end early while still trying to capture the creativity possible) was that I included too many items for cooler temperatures, hoping for more spring like days. But aside from the first week, we've had days in the high 80s and 90s with lots of lovely Virginia humidity. So the last week I ended up buying a new pair of shorts. I had good reasons to do it, I only had one pair of shorts that I actually enjoyed wearing (the other pair, I only got last year, but they never sat right on my body and ended …

Worth it/Not worth it

I came across this idea from the To Universe, with Love blog.

What in my personal experience are general purchasing trends that have been worth it to me? What has not been worth it?

Worth it: high end Levi's, everlane vnecks, AG denim jacket, birkenstocks, Frye shoes, vans, lucky brand bag, silk pants, Lou and Grey shirts, gap shirt dress, body glove, girlfriend collective leggings.

Not worth it: Target, New York and company, rayon, cheap sweats, super stretch denim, skirts, Old Navy, polyester.

My wedgie jeans

The last major purchase I made was a pair of Levi's Wedgie fit jeans in deedee wash.

I read about the wedgie jeans a while ago on a Cup of Jo post, but immidiatly wrote them off for two reasons. One, they were a high rise and I had sworn off high rise jeans for many years. Two, the name is super off putting. I still maintain the name is super off putting, I mean do women really need to be told to sacrifice comfort for fashion more than we already are?  But in the winter I tried on a pair of skinny 721 levis in black, that I went back for the next week and even paid full price for them (which is pretty rare for me). They fit me so perfectly, in fact they are probably still my best fitting pant. And they were high rise. After wearing them for a few months and thinking they were just a fluke and I wouldn't be buying anymore high rise pants, I realized one of the reasons I loved them so much was because they did not fall down, and it was due to the high rise.  I tried on a few pair…

My 30x30

Yep I'm doing the 30x30. I wanted to do it as soon as I saw Andrea from Seasons and Salt post about it, but actually when I went to pick out my clothes I realized I mainly needed to take out a few things I wasn't really wearing. Could my efforts to keep a small closet be working? It sure seems like it. I'm a week in, but feel like I have more than I need. It's also inspired some new outfit combinations I really like and plan to wear again. 

First, here are the shoes I picked. Only four pairs, but I mainly wear my birks and vans this time of year anyway. The tan Fryes are my most recent shoe addition (my love got them for me for Mother's Day!) and they've been super fun. I keep debating whether or not to keep my silver Ecco sandals. They are good sturdy sandals and super comfy, but I don't love metallics anymore (I bought them because I wanted something that would match with everything, but I neglected to consider what color I actually wanted). I am hoping …